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Refund/Cancellation/Fulfillment Policy

C & C Research and Investigations will offer our clients a written agreement detailing our services.  This agreement explains our fee structure as well as the expected net recovery of funds.  Should the client seek to cancel an agreed upon service with C & C Research, we will honor that cancellation up to the point of providing our services in recovery of the funds. 


C & C Research and Investigations, through our service to the client, ensures the recovery of the funds to the client in as much as the client is the rightful owner.  Our services include the retrieval of the needed documentation in support of the claim of ownership as well as the coordination with the custodian or custodians of these recoverable funds. 

C & C Research and Investigations serves our clients by recovering funds directly to them.  We do not get invoice for our services until our clients have received the funds, deposited the funds, and all the bank holds released.  We ask for nothing up front, and we accept no payment for our fees until the client has received the check and is satisfied with our work.  Should the check not arrive or the check not clear, we do not accept payment for our services.

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